Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rafflecopter, Rubrics, and a Reading Freebie!

Corinna at O"FISH"ally a First Grader is having a 100 Follower Rafflecopter Giveaway! She has 58 items to give away, and will choose the winners on Sunday, October 28! Please visit her blog to enter!

Tomorrow (10/22/12) our class goes on it's first field trip of the year! We are going to see a play based on the Skippyjohn Jones books. Field trips have always been stressful for me since I always worry about keeping the children together. However, I'm hoping a 2nd grade field trip will be less stressful than Kindergarten field trips. My class is very excited about it, and my son, who is also a 2nd grader at my school will be going with his class too!

After bundling my Kindergarten Beginning Writing Rubric with smaller printable rubrics for students, I decided to take all 3 of my beginning writing rubrics and bundle them with the student sized rubrics. Now, you can get all 3 rubrics (color and copier friendly) with the student-sized (color and copier friendly) matching rubrics in one pack! I wish I had thought of this when I was still teaching Kindergarten so I could use them myself! 

These are a few examples of how they look. If you want to check out the actual product, click here!

And now for the Reading Freebie! I created this poster based on the "3 Ways to Read a Book" in The Daily 5. I had it made into a larger poster using Vistaprint, and it looks great in my classroom! If you have questions about using my products on Vistaprint, feel free to e-mail me at lorismith51 at gmail dot com.

Click here to get this freebie! Enjoy!

As always, feel free to leave comments below. I just love reading comments from my readers!


  1. Great freebie! Thank you.

    The Hive

  2. Thank you for following me :)

    Your products are so pretty! I love that shade of blue you use often, and that beginning writing rubric background is awesome.