Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break, Bunnies, and Random Thoughts

Aaah, Spring Break! Time to sleep in, do some fun activities with my son, read on my Kindle, and catch up on my blog and TPT. I love that it's Spring Break. However, it brings with it thoughts about the end of the year. We all have those wonderful end of the year tests to worry about. Besides that, I kind of hate to see this year end. I've had a really great class this year (not perfect by any means, but great), and I'll hate to see them go. Also, I'm worried about the upcoming year. The class that's coming into 2nd Grade next year is the last class I had as Kindergarteners. That was a tough year for me, and I'd hate to relive it. I guess I just need to enjoy the class I have now while I have them, and pray for the best next year instead of worrying. Wish me luck! :)

Easter is coming! I know some of us can't use that word in the classroom, so I'll use the word, Spring. On the last day before Spring Break, I was trying to find a way to make a fun day for my class. It was last minute, so I couldn't really ask parents for help, so I went to my teaching guru - MOM. My mom is a retired 2nd Grade teacher (I actually had her for my teacher in K and 2nd), and always has great ideas for me. 

She told me about this easy project she used to do with her classes, and they really loved it because it also allowed them creative freedom. Because of that, my newest activity was created.

Below are some samples from my class.

You can find this at TPT by clicking on the images above or by clicking here.

Of course, since I love my followers, I've decided to give this project to the first 3 followers who leave a comment on this post. Be sure to include your e-mail address AND a comment!

Many of you read my post about my son, Jeffery, and his being mainstreamed from the EBD class. He got his report card last Friday, and I'm so proud to say that he got all As and Bs!! His behavior has been very good in class too! THANK YOU to Mrs. R. and Mrs. M. for putting up with ME! Also, THANK YOU to Ms. B., his EBD teacher, for helping him to make so much progress!

On a final note, my friend, Autumn, over at The Primary Techie just started a blog! She's the person who makes those great Watch, Think, Color and Move It games I keep blogging about. Please visit her blog to find out what she's been up to lately. The first 3 people to follow her, let me know, and leave an e-mail address will also receive a free copy of my Bunny Craftivity. I know you'll love her blog! I do!