Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Elves, Ornaments, and Christmas Trees

Christmas has come and gone! It's hard to believe. It's also hard to believe that I've taken this long to write a new post! Anyway, here are the school-related activities that have kept me busy lately (besides trying to get report cards done - UGH!).

Snowball continued his adventures in our classroom, leaving clues to new Christmas words for us. Here are some pictures of his adventures in our classroom.

On our leveled books

 Using one of our listening centers

 One day he decided to swing on our word wall. Of course, that day another teacher came through, saw him, and touched him right in front of the kids! She doesn't know about the elf rules since she wasn't doing it in her class. I didn't think we'd be able to recover from that one! Then, I had an idea:

 Snowball left us a note the next day, saying everything was okay! I also managed to get out of writing a morning message that day. :) The kids all know I can't stand when capital letters are misused, so they knew I couldn't have written that messy message.

 As you can tell, I haven't been doing a great job of counting to the 100th day. I actually got to 13, but put it on all zeroes so it didn't look as bad for my observation (which went very well, by the way!).

 Snowball toilet papered our Christmas tree!

 On our dismissal sign

He decided to take a nap on top of the microwave. I guess the children wore him out! 

Unfortunately, I was so busy with other things I forgot to take the last picture of him. It took them a while to find him peeking out from behind one of our Daily 5 posters. 

After all of the clues, we found the missing candy canes! They were in the principal's office.

Every year I have the children make a gift for their parents. This year, I had to get creative since some of the children had been in my Kindergarten class, and already had the ornament with a hand print made into snowmen. My mom found this project, which seemed easy. It was fairly easy, until we got to the part where the children had to place the sticks on the tagboard, and mark where they would be glued. For the most part, they came out cute.

Of course, I had to do the "Which Part Did You Eat First" gingerbread graph. I use Little Debbie gingerbread cookies for this.

After we made the graph, and the children made their own, we had a discussion as to why most people ate the head first (thanks to a coworker who gave me that idea). They came up with answers such as more icing, it sticks out more, and it's bigger.

For our final celebration, we made edible Christmas trees! They were pretty easy to make. First, we spread white frosting on the plate to hold it in place (and to look like snow). Then, they stirred green food coloring into more white frosting to spread on a sugar cone. This made the tree. After the trees were covered in green frosting, they could put M&Ms, gumdrops (which were the spicy ones, and all of the kids ended up spitting them out in the garbage! LOL! It was a funny sight!), and sprinkles to decorate the trees. To finish them, they were given tubes of gel frosting to add garland to the trees. They had lots of fun doing this, although some did get carried away with the decorating. I put plastic dollar store tablecloths on the tables first for easy cleanup. It's definitely an activity I would do again.

Now that I'm caught up on things, I can get to making new activities for TPT and trying to get that giveaway together. Rafflecopter is a little more complicated than I thought it would be! 

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